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Welcome to Quantrix Modeler in 60 Minutes.  Many of the fundamentals of Quantrix Desktop are explained in this manual and the 5 accompanying videos (embedded in the e-book).  


Topics to Master are:

  1. Quantrix Modeling Methodology​​​​​​​
    • Define the Model
    • Items
    • Categories
  2.  Model Structure
    • Import Data
    • Data Browser
  3. Write Your Logic
    • Formulae Intro
    • Natural Language Syntax
    • Summary Items
    • Using/As
    • Select
    • Dependency Inspector
  4. Analayze and Presenting Your Model
    • Perspectives
    • Views
    • Chaprting
    • Descriptors
  5. Other Noteworth Features of Quantrix Desktop
    • Scripting
    • DataPush
    • Expressions
    • Conditional Formatting
    • More...


Any time or money spent on learning Quantrix will pay huge dividends in the future, so please join me, Rich Lopez, in learning and mastering Quantrix. I love Quantrix. I want to make you a Quantrix Master!

Quantrix in 60 Minutes

  • ~80 pages of Quantrix Guidance with screenshots and explanations

    ~60 minutes of instructional video

    Fundamentals to Mastering Quantrix!

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