Welcome to Quantrix Modeler Introductory Training. This training will provide you the fundamental foundation that you will need to become a Quantrix Master! Rich Lopez, Quantrix Authority, has over 10 years of experience working with Quantrix and has published over 180 Learn Quantrix Modeler videos on YouTube as the Quantrix Authority. This training uses the EDGE (Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable) method for teaching and provides you with step by step instructions on how to learn the powerful capabilities of Quantrix. Topics learned are:

Working with Structure

  • Creating Structure
  • Adding Categories and Groups (Expanding Structure)
  • Linking Categories
  • Documenting Your Model

Working with Logic

  • Using Summary Items
  • Controlling the Formula
  • Writing Quantrix Recurrence Formulas
  • Constructing a Yearly Growth Formula
  • Dependency Inspector

Presenting the Model

  • Using the Filter Tray & Synchronize Views
  • Create a Table View
  • Formatting & Collapsing (Hiding) Items
  • Creating a Chart View
  • Creating a Presentation Canvas
  • Snap Together Table Views on a Canvas
  • Canvas Widgets & Grouping Objects on Canvas
  • Adding a Logo, Creating a Dynamic Label Using an Expression
  • Organizing the Model Browser
  • Printing, Exporting, & Creating Perspectives

Working with Data

  • Importing Data (DataLink)
  • Sorting & Filtering
  • Constraining Input

Functions (Fantastic)

  • Logical Statements (CASE)
  • Using AS


  • Scripting

PLUS an additional half hour video explaining some of the other awesome features of Quantrix.

  • DataNAV
  • DataPush
  • Problems
  • More...

This training has over 5.5 hours of video. The accompanying workbook provides step by step instructions on how to perform all 25 exercises. The workbook alone can serve as a reference guide to answer many of your questions in the months to come.

Any time or money spent on learning Quantrix will pay huge dividends in the future, so please join me, Rich Lopez, in learning and mastering Quantrix. I love Quantrix. I want to make you a Quantrix Master!

Quantrix Modeler Introductory Training You'll get 2 PDF, 28 MODEL, 1 MP4, 1 CSV

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